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Its just you have to hope your sitter is like open to being truthful with themselves because at times the cards can read a little vague but very accurate. The numbering system for the major arcana will also throw off people who use numerology in their Tarot reading. I've learned to use the odd numbering system to its advantage. Instead of seeing the Emperor all about creating things in the material world, I now see that the vision of the Emperor is to hold onto tradition.

So I look at Emperor and Heirophant as a pair. Empress is paired with the Emperor. Death is paired with Temperance, etc.

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Because I'm biased, I will probably always give Lucy 5 stars. But to be objective, I find this deck to be 4 stars at worse. Its given me accurate insight like no other tarot deck and I love using it for one card readings in the morning before heading out to work. Because there's no deep contemplation needed as the LWB summarizes things in such quick manner, I can get an accurate, fast, simple reading in the mornings. I love this deck for easy quick guidance for readings.

I do them and love the artwork and how she explains each card. She did a nice job with this. The only thing I don't like is the constant nudity in many of the pictures. But I love the warmth of the colors of the designs. The other thing I like is her language. Cavendish makes everything good seem possible with this deck, empowering you to create a positive future. Few tarot decks do this.

12 Best 6 OF SWORDS images | Swords, Tarot decks, Oracle cards

The court cards are not in this deck. She did away with this. I believe she could have interpreted those. She put a few words on each card to assist with interpreting in during a reading and it is invaluable.

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The cards look like paintings from an art gallery. The sun is a woman with a sun above her head.

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She is nude with a red background. Good fortune is a rich lady with nine coins cleverly put in her shoes,dress, hat and earrings. She has two dollar bills for tassles for her hat. This card is the nine of coins. Ten of cups is Blessed love life has a woman covered in vines happy among 10 cups or vases, another clever image. Six of coins is unexpected help with a woman handing a bag of see through coins to another woman, another one of my favorites. The two of cups is a couple with two tea cups touching, with the words loving union, teamworkJudgement is all in purple, a woman climbing a staircase with the words putting the past to rest.

How true for people and what a great image to accompany this card! Four of coins is woman with a calm expression and 4 gold coins on the table and the words steady process. And lastly, the Nine of Swords is woman looking nervous with 9 swords upright around her, and the word stress, anxiety. For deck lovers, art lovers, this is a must have.

The sucint key words and the rich paintings made me fall in love with this deck. Janet Boyer. Let me just start out by saying that I love this deck. It has captured my imagination and my spirit, and presently I find myself reaching for this fresh, vibrant deck before any other. Bringing the mystical tradition of Tarot firmly into the 21st century, The Oracle Tarot by Lucy Cavendish is a bright, colorful, positive and feminine deck that exudes "girl power".

What is the Difference Between Tarot & Oracle ~ Vi

You will not find any frightening images or meanings in this deck, so there's no need to feel apprehensive of the messages contained therein. Some people have never delved into the mysterious and profound world of Tarot precisely because of cards like Death, The Devil, and The Tower. Although upbeat and positive, this is not a "fluff" deck; I guarantee you that outmoded or negative thinking patterns and behavior will be challenged by the messages in these cards!

Instead of a straightforward deck where the 10 of Swords would be merely depicted as 10 interlocking swords, Cavendish has created a visual allegory for every single card.

The stunning, hand-painted artwork of Melinda Ayre adds so much pizzazz to the images; I'm reminded of the wetly vibrant oil-painted images in the movie What Dreams May Come. An intriguing aspect of The Oracle Tarot is that there are no court cards. I've never been attached to the court cards, and for me, they've seemed redundant in readings--so I was happy to see a deck without them, quite frankly.

Another name change besides the ones already mentioned is The Hierophant being re-named Tradition. The thick, glossy cards measure 1. Each card contains a key word or words written in white on the outer edges of the image. The backs of the cards are a gorgeous mix of blues and greens, with shimmering stars in a diagonal swathe.

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The Cups suit are teacups and the way they are incorporated into the images is very inventive. For example, for the 2 of Cups, two people are seated facing one another at a small table. It looks as though they are playing footsies under the table, and that they are doing a "cheers" with their red mugs.

The steam swirls from each mug, almost forming a heart. The keywords are Loving union, teamwork. The Coins suit is just as inventive. The 9 of Coins depicts a smartly dressed woman in profile, striding downhill. Her violet dress features 4 yellow disks on the hem, her purse clasp is a yellow disk, 2 are on her shoe straps, 1 is an earring, and 1 is the top of her hat. For the 10 of Coins, 9 yellow disks form the border of a pool where a woman sits lounging in a bikini--a drink on the table beside her.

The brightly glowing sun makes The 3 of Cups is a woman in a blue dress atop a skateboard with 3 yellow disks for wheels. The keywords are Purposeful action. And the Wands and Swords? Also very cleverly portrayed. The 6 of Wands shows a woman blowing out 6 candles wands on a birthday cake. The keywords are Wisdom of experience. For the 8 of Swords, a white-haired woman in a green dress sits before a steaming cup of soup with a spoon in her hands. Eight swords are painted on the borders of the image.

The keywords are Caring for yourself. It's always nice to see a deck creator take so much time and care with the Minor Arcana--something that often seems like a mere afterthought in some decks. The Major Arcana is just as gorgeous. The Chariot, a card that keeps popping up in my own readings, features a woman in a crimson dress and high heels with one hand on a shopping cart and the other formed into a pumping fist. She sports a sassy smile, as well as a heart tattoo on her upper arm. The keywords for this card are The inspired warrior. Dreams of Gaia Tarot: A Tarot for a New Era. Ravynne Phelan.

EUR 26, The Complete Kit Miniature Editions. Dennis Fairchild. EUR 7, Gilded Reverie Expanded Edition.

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Ciro Marchetti. Libro de bolsillo. EUR 17, Chakra Wisdom Tarot: EUR 21, Twin Tarot Oracle. EUR 23, Pre-Raphaelite Tarot. EUR 22, The Magic of Tarot: Liz Dean.

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